PACKAGING PREMIÈRE 2018 - Samorani Group Forlì



May, 15-17th Mi.Co. Milano Congressi


Great success for the second edition of Packaging Première, the event that took place in Milan (Mi.Co Milano Congressi  Exhibition Area) from May 15th to 17th and gathered exhibitors coming from 12 different countries, dedicated to Luxury packaging. Packaging Première was the only one event here in Italy to put designers, packaging producers and International brands together. It was an exclusive exhibition that wanted to enhance the innovations carried on by the companies that work in the field of packaging and linked to sectors such as fashion, accessories, watches, jewels, beauty treatments and perfumes, luxury wines and spirits, and food excellences in general. Nowadays luxury gets very articulated meanings and it can be applied to sectors not considered in the past but that now are pushed by the force of a new demand. This world is visionary and must be always ahead of time, of seasons and tastes. Packaging Première presents previews, gives room to experimentation and innovation and helps managers understand the trends so they can take faster decisions and gain the market in advance. That’s what Packaging Première is: the creativity of designers, the values of a brand, the foresight of manufacturers. The event has been scheduled to dialogue with other important fairs such as fashion, design and décor. The Italian creativity is thus projected on an International scenery, and what is “Made in Italy” and innovation is then enhanced.

We, the Samorani Group, attended this important exhibition, discovering new styles and materials. Also, we took part in several conferences that showed technical and productive innovations, and tools for the interpretation of new tendencies in order to imagine first and then to realize a distinctive and winning packaging!