PACKAGING TRENDS 2018 - Samorani Group Forlì


Concerning packaging issues, consumers all over the world are becoming increasingly interested in brands that embrace sustainable and transparent trade practices.
The package is now seen not only as a means of protection and transport, but it has to be adaptable to the distribution channel and it has to strengthen the consumer experience by getting more and more involved to the values of the brand and its goals.
In order to retain the customers in a competitive, dynamic and fast scenery, the connection with end-users is now even more essential.

Recent studies(1) reveal that 66% of consumers would pay more for sustainable products, and 51% of rising generations check the packaging to verify Certifications such as PEFC or EcoLabel.

Nowadays the companies’ choice of the principles of a circular economy has become predominant and that leads to the designing of packages that should be recyclable in every single component.
This result is possible also thanks to a growing supply of biodegradable and sustainable materials.
Moreover, if we think of street food or home-delivered food for example, the reduction of the weight makes the package more sustainable without subtracting the efficiency of its function.
Brands now have to focus on the sustainable element that best suits to their products and packaging , and also look for strategies that allow to evolve and strengthen their coherence.

Water-based coatings have been introduced into the Food&Beverage field. They can substitute Polyethylene and add biodegradability to the goods. This is, for example, a solution adopted by Asia Pulp&Paper Group with Foopack Bio and it permits to throw these trays into the organic litter without dividing the components.

The companies and brands that follow these emerging trends, by promoting sustainable ways to improve the environmental footprint of their packages, will take advantage of this, managing to connect to customers and to contribute towards the planet effectively.


Turning now to the most popular and actual design trends, we have:

•  vintage graphics

•  ergonomics

•  handmade trims

•  total black


Vintage graphics keep on being “a must” for 2018 as well, recalling the graphic elements from the ‘20s, the ‘50s and the ‘90s with their colors and hues.


Ergonomics is one of the most innovative trends. Actually the goods are designed starting from concepts such as comfort and usability: they must be handled practically so they need light materials, delicate lines and shapes that give them a human-friendly look.


Handmade finishes enrich the crafts more and more, suggesting ideas of originality and genuineness (caps with sealing wax, hand-sewn or hand-bound elements, etc..)


Black is always one of the most used colors in packaging design because it conveys an idea of lux and elegance to all sectors, particularly to food&beverage, beauty and hi-tech ones.
“Minimal” packaging is always actual with monochromatic tones, and labels with minimized texts that bring the style order and cleanliness.


1. Source: Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report