AUTUMN LEAVES - Samorani Group Forlì


Samorani Group launches a new collection of 3 limited-edition postcards for this Autumn 2017.
Once again, they are planned, illustrated and printed by our team.

Many different and colorful leaves, together with Autumn fruits, become protagonists of these warm and fascinating pictures.

Autumn hues are a unique show that light the landscape with thousands shades.
That’s an explosion of colors: green, yellow, orange, red and brown give the leaves unexpected tones. That’s just from this inspiration that we started creating these postcards.

A mixed technique has been used for their realization: acrylic painting, collage, graphite on paper, vector illustration and its consequent digital working out. A combination that makes them unique.
The choice of paper, also, contributes giving the pictures materiality and naturalness. A special paper has been used indeed. It’s 100% recycled, FSC® certified, uncoated and natural white.

If you have not received them yet, just ask our contacts for them!