Have a Green(ery) summer! - Samorani Group Forlì

Have a Green(ery) summer!

Samorani Group launches a new limited edition of nine postcards for this summer 2017.
Their fresh and summer subjects are full of colors, and they have been designed, painted and printed by our team.
Fruits, bicycles, ice creams, umbrellas... Are just some of the items painted on the postcards.
We have used a vector graphic that focused on communicative efficiency through the extreme cleanness and simplification of the shapes. We have built the images by figure-ground effects and by the overlapping of colors.

Also the choice of the paper is not a chance, because it reflects our company care towards environmental sustainability. The postcards are printed on ecological paper (FSC certified), without GMOs, and realized from the wastes of corn processing, which allows substituting up to 15% of the cellulose coming from trees. It’s also made by 30% of post consumer recycled paper, and by green energy.
That’s also why this paper results so soft to the touch and so unique at sight.

The choice of colors also strengthens this point, because of the use of Greenery Pantone, the color of the year 2017.
It’s a color between green and yellow, fresh and lively but also relaxing at the same time.
It’s one of the most fashionable colors this year, not only in the world of communication but also of style and design.

If you have not received them yet, just ask our contacts for them!