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SIDE - Samorani Interior Design

SIDE - Display  the design
Side is an architectural and creative lab, born to offer effective displaying solutions and furnishings completely made in italy and that reflect the quality standards of samorani group.
Technology and handmade spirit, creativity and “know how” merge to work out and realize self stand and counter displays, artistic installations, shops and fair arrangements as well.
Designers fulfil cutomers’ requests by making use of spaces and materials to shape interiors on customers’ needs and with the chance to space from one single piece to the numbers of industrial production.
Innovative materials such as birch wood (FSC® certified), waved or honeycomb structure cardboard, Forex® and Plexiglas® will exalt the final product together with the best “Made in Italy” experience.

Exibitors gain importance with side, they flow into brand strategies and convert from mere objects to strong means of communication of (customers’) brand identity (research).